The Slow Summer

The translation industry is known for slowing down during the summer months. Why? One might ask. Well, for one, many are on vacation(s) during the summer, which limits the amount of requests we might receive, since clients are more engaged in summer time activities and less engaged with their work. But that’s not the only reason. Let’s see why eslse the third quarter of the fiscal year typically slows down for the translation industry.

For Burg, we notice that many of our clients have frequent and sizable job requests at the beginning of the year. This typically occurs because their budgets are formed at the onset of the New Year and clients are eager to put their budget to use. However, during the third quarter, they reign in their spending to ensure that they have enough funds to get them through the end of the fiscal year. No one wants to spend their annual budget before the year is up…

We further base this projection upon the influx of job requests we receive during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Our clients want to ensure that they use the funds allotted to them before their fiscal year is out. This occurs primarily because their budgets do not roll over to the next fiscal year. It is hard to make general predictions across the industry; however, this data serves as the trend of our Firm for the past decade or more.